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Want to Integrate a Wellness and Fitness Program into your Company?

Want Healthier, Happier and More

Productive Employees?

Whatever Your Fitness Level ,Train Like an Athlete, and You Will Get into the Best Shape of your Life

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We offer customized fitness and wellness programs tailored to the needs and schedules of your company. Here are examples of our workout programs: 

Health, Energy, and Stress Recovery Workout:

 This workout is a 30 minute workout with specific callisthenic movements, stability ball exercises and dynamic deep breathing.

 It can be a morning workout to start the day off with a bang, a workout session to recover and reenergize your body and mind in the middle of the day, or right after work for erasing all negative stress.

 Work-out Level: low to medium intensity.

 Fast Shape Workout:

 These workouts are 30 to 60 minutes in length and are “bootcamp” style". Intensity can be high, but always progressive and adjusted to your fitness level.

 Beginners: Ideal if you need to get into shape and lose some weight. The focus is on the basics with improved endurance and strength building.

 Intermediate to advanced: If you are already in correct shape or have some good experience in training, then this is your level. The focus is about conditioning which can be intense but always adjusted to your fitness level.


Knockout Conditioning

Train like a fighter, get abs like a fighter, get lean like a boxer, get in fighting shape!

This program is intense but progressive, we use the same strategies  we use with world class boxers, so imagine how effective it can be. 

A minimum of 3 workouts per week is required for a 3 month program.

The photo  shows some equipment we will use: kettlebells, indian clubs, resistance bands, medicine balls and...boxing

Programs may include the following:

 Conditioning circuit workout: A total body workout mixing strength exercises with cardio (body

 weight strength and endurance workout).

 Abdominal and core conditioning workout circuit

 Conditioning workout and boxing (if you have a gym with boxing bags)

 Sport specific preparation (tennis, golf, etc.): Specific strength and conditioning to improve your game.


How it works? Group Training for the Best Results

 Group Training creates a collective dynamic energy which is great for motivation and cohesion.

 Small group personal training (3-5 people) - Training in a small group allows for more personalized coaching.This facilitates people with similar goals to come together, train together, and encourage each other.

 Group classes (6-12 people) – Training in “women only” or “mixed women and men.”

Our programs run from month to month at your location. 

We set up the number of sessions together according to your goals and number of people entering a program. Click on the "Contact us" below to get more details:

Results, Fast

Because of our specific designed programs, you get results very fast

Challenge yourself

We create new motivation, goals

and challenges

Strong & healthy

Choose the program and transform your body: increase mobility, lose weight, add muscle, improve endurance, feel strong and healthy

“You have changed my life by helping me win the Head of the Charles* for the past 2 years, which I could not have done without you. This was a goal I had for over 15 years and with you it was realized. Also, you contributed to the health and happiness of Veritable. Yourworkouts are part of our culture now and I like that.”

Michael Stolper, elite rower, Owner and CEO of Veritable, Newtown Square, PA

“Dominic has mastered an extremely effective balance between interval training and weight training. He continuously incorporates different variations of exercises and new tools, so that the workouts never get monotonous. The results I’ve seen in the past year far surpass anything I had been doing on my own!”

Kate, Newtown Square, PA


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