Heart Rate Training Zones

What is a heart rate training zone?

This is a precise and a personal heart rate range within you have to train to achieve a training goal. Each zone has a different physiological impact on the metabolism.

Zone 1: 50-65%. Improve basic endurance for beginners, excellent for health. Recovery zone for athletes after intense workouts.

Zone 2: 65-75%. Improve aerobic capacity. Effective fat burn zone in long duration (30 mins and more). Enhance fitness conditioning. Basic training intensity for athletes in transition periods, good for recovery and aerobic maintenance.

Zone 3: 75-85%. Improve aerobic power. Carbohydrates become the main source of energy. Increase the level in fitness conditioning and the performance in cardiovascular sports. May be very effective for burning fat with the right protocols.

Zone 4: 85-90%. Anaerobic threshold, critical zone where the lactic acid is going up in the blood and in the muscles. The intensity and volume have to be monitored with precision to avoid overtraining. In many sports the level of the anaerobic threshold has to be raised for peak peerformance. Only for athletes and competition goals with timing.

Zone 5: 90- 100%. V02max: maximal oxygene consumption, upper limit of anaeobic tolerance. Intensity can be maintain only in short duration due to the raise of lactic acid. Athletes have to increase their lactate tolerance with heart rate under control (maximum intensity and recovery). Target goals with timing.

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